Founded in 1934, Commercial Pipe & Supply Corp. gradually introduced IT technology only when required.


They expanded to four locations across New York and Pennsylvania, however the management team was frustrated with the stand-alone networks in each office that caused an inventory confusion. To overcome this issue, they decided to unite their isolated IT infrastructures into one network. They scouted for a cloud service provider who could deliver complete IT management services and support and discovered Advance2000.


Around 70 employees across Commercial Pipe & Supply Corp. and Lakes Pipe & Supply Corp. were sharing outdated hardware and software between the locations, so the IT rollout was of considerable size. Advance2000 worked with their management team to understand the needs and communicate the limitations of such an upgrade on their desired budget.

We deployed 30 new HP monitors with thin clients running Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDS). The RDS solution supported the company’s low-demand applications-a warehouse management system and Office 365-while fitting within the budget. All 4 offices now access the same pooled resources from any computer station and benefit from accurate inventory transparency.

Due to the age of their hardware, the different versions of operating systems, and vulnerable outdated software, the deployment was conducted in stages. Advance2000 first backed up their data and then deployed their new infrastructure. After that we performed the software updates to strengthen their IT security and reduce lag time.


Commercial Pipe & Supply has run their offices over the RDS for over 6 years without interruption to business operations. Before Advance2000, updating their systems was a logistical chore and costly expense. Now software updates are performed without any planning on their behalf, keeping their IT current and secure at all times. Commercial Pipe & Supply Corp. now expects to celebrate their 100-year anniversary as a competitive player in their sector.


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