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Enabling real-time, secure teamwork using Cloud-Based BIM for the AEC industry


Better collaboration for AEC Teams using BIM Cloud

With your creativity and our High-Performance Private Cloud Computing services, you can now design anything from anywhere. Our BIM Cloud is tailored explicitly for the AEC industry and it’s bringing true collaboration and communication to the entire design, engineering, and construction teams.
We help hundreds of firms daily deliver projects efficiently.

Benefits to the AEC Industry

AEC companies are moving to the cloud to reduce costs, lower risks, and increase productivity.

  • Reduce Downtime from IT issues 

    Our Cloud, with its built-in redundancies, greatly reduces Downtime. Advance2000 hosts and manages BIM Cloud in multiple state-of-the-art data centers owned and operated by Advance2000. In the event of a hardware failure in the cloud, our well-designed infrastructure quickly recovers with minimal disruption to your firm’s operations.

  • Improve Data Management and File Sharing

    Advance2000’s Cloud enhances your ability to achieve your project goals. Our specially made Compute  with high end graphics provides easy access to applications, documents, and data in real-time, allowing your team to productively collaborate whether they are at the same office or working between multiple locations.

  • Enable Collaboration that Increase Productivity

    Advance2000’s Collaboration Hub is a unique cloud service that allows independent organizations to work together on a common project while protecting their data and networks. We provide a cloud “co-location” space that enables firms to access shared project files with the performance and ease of working locally.

  • Higher ROI using BIM cloud

    Our Compute is over 40% more cost effective than other clouds and provides more value. Firms that switched to our Compute have gained productivity and saved on their IT with substantially higher returns on their investment then attempting to build IT internally. We provide flat rate pricing on servers, workstations, storage and bandwidth.

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Our Private Cloud-Computing BIM Platform tailored to your AEC business

Fastest Cloud Computing Platform

Our cloud is designed specifically for the AEC industry providing one of the highest performing workstations on the market today. Run all your design applications at the highest possible speed.

Fastest Cloud Computing Platform

24/7 Industry Expert Support

We support all your IT needs and provide Vertical Market Experts on your business applications, IT issues, BIM applications and provide model audits to help our clients maintain productivity.

24/7 Industry Expert Support

IT Risk Assessment and Strategy

Auditing IT infrastructures to identify risks and opportunities  and creating a technology roadmap that mitigates vulnerabilities and provides a strategy that helps accelerate growth and realigns IT to better serve the business.

IT Risk Assessment and Strategy

How To Get Your Architectural, Engineering and Construction Company Into The Cloud

Join us for a half hour cloud webinar where Advance2000 Account Executive Adam Glass will be discussing exactly how we make your company a mobile workforce and support any of your applications, including all BIM applications. Support the social distancing and keep your company moving forward!


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