Advance2000 Cloud in-Touch™ Cloud Telephony For Business

Private Cloud Telephony solutions that provides you with a more secure immersive experience with on-demand video conferencing, chat, document sharing, mobility and productivity tracking


Taking your business communications to the next level and boosting your productivity

Your communication should be private and secure, no other entity other than you should have the rights to record or listen to your private conversations. Advance2000’s private cloud telephony provides a highly immersive communication platform that provides telephone system, conference rooms, voicemail, video conferencing, chat, document sharing, mobile app, and productivity tracking with unlimited use for one fixed price per month.

Cloud Telephony Solutions


Make your video calls more lively and highly collaborative



Secure, scalable, flexible and easy to use private cloud telephony for any business


Secure mobile app for any smartphone, Ipad, laptop and chromebook.  MS Windows, IOS, Linux, and Android Compatible


Enables powerful team chat and file sharing



The cloud telephony that provides faster and more reliable screen and application sharing


Private, Secure and Innovative, Unified Cloud Telephony That Provides Greater Productivity For Any Organization

We have developed an easy to use secure app that sits in your environment, that allows you to juggle video calls, telephony calls, conferences, chats, share documents and track productivity all from a simple keypad.

phone dialpad
Cloud in Touch Mobile Application 1

The Mobile Application That Keeps You Securely Connected From Anywhere

We designed a mobile app that transports your Cloud Telephony experience to any smartphone, Stay in touch with with Advance2000 Cloud in-Touch.

From your mobile device, gain access to all your team’s extensions, listen and manage your voicemails and easily start conferences with a couple clicks.

Efficient and Immersive Conference Experience Every Time

Make Your meetings fun and highly productive by effortlessly launching a Video Conference right from your desktop app or Your Smartphone.

Easily start a video conference while on a voice call or by simply video calling and share any of Your desktop screens, have private Chats and make Your meeting truly collaborative where everyone is engaged.

Cloud in-Touch Highlights

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Seamlessly Chat Across Devices

Chat with Your team across any device, Desktops, Smartphones, iPads and Chromebooks.  Chat and share files while You are in a voice call, video call, conference or a screen collaborative session.

Instantly Send Files

Our Chat is better than Email.  You can instantly send files while chatting, share Your screen and have vivid conferences without constantly switching tabs and windows to send Email.  Boost your productivity and collaboration with Advance2000 Cloud Telephony

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Quickly Share Your Screen

Sharing your screen form any device is a click away.  Our screen share technology is faster and more reliable than Zoom, or MS Teams and there are no lags or disconnects.  You can share any document or view video and your experience is instant and truly immersive every time.

Integrate with any Database

The Cloud Telephony Solution That Easily Connects to any Database.  Easily make all your contacts available and leverage the power of Cloud in-Touch.

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