In 2017, design-build team lead Tutor Perini and O&G Industries awarded STV Group Inc. as engineer-of-record and principal design firm for Section 2 of the Purple Line Extension Project in Los Angeles, CA. The Purple Line Extension has been 30 years in the making, intending to connect Westwood to Koreatown with 9 additional miles of subway rail and 7 new stations.


STV has an existing internal IT infrastructure, however, the scope of the finalized project would put immense strain on their IT department. STV needed to bring in 18 firms as subcontractors to execute their vision. Rather than hire short term IT technicians or spend valuable time to orchestrate an internal solution, STV chose AEC expert Advance2000 and our proprietary project cloud solution, Compute. It seamlessly accommodated a digital collaborative environment for all firms to remotely and securely access project files, a crucial aspect of this project.

STV began work on Section 2 of the Purple Line Extension with the intention to use Advance2000’s project cloud for the second phase only. Project BIM Manager Carlos Ramos and Project CAD Manager Mauro Mamawal were so impressed with the efficiency and output of work during phase 2 that they urged STV to use Advance2000 to host phase three, and the contract was extended. The project is exactly on schedule and on budget, and as it stands, Section 2 continues to be on track with the anticipated completion date of 2025.


As STV has an internal infrastructure solution, they only outsourced their additional project needs to Advance2000. The project cloud allows the firm to scale up or scale down hosted seats needed depending on the demands of the project.
The Advance2000 project cloud was deployed without issue. All users could easily access their hosted environment on the device of their choosing from any location necessary. There was a learning curve as not all users were familiar with using their application in the cloud, but training ramped up quickly as there were no technical problems hosting any applications (Revit, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, etc.).


Advance2000 has helped STV stay on time and on budget with Section 2 of the Purple Line Extension. BIM and CAD managers Mr. Ramos and Mr. Mamawal are keeping Advance2000 in mind for future projects. The Purple Line Extension is another exquisite entry in STV’s impressive portfolio, and Advance2000 has been honored to help and will be ready to provide additional IT services for future projects.

STV has been impressed with Advance2000’s in-depth understanding of AEC needs. The Purple Line Subway Extension has brought together architects, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers, plus HVAC firms, construction firms, and interior designers. Advance2000 understands the computing demands from these compartments of the AEC industry and delivered to those needs. That a single virtual office environment could connect these varying experts with their preferred applications turned a logistical nightmare into a smooth and seamless collaborative experience.