Our Culture

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    Over Three Decades of Recognized IT Innovation and Customer Satisfaction
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    Responsive technical support and services 24X7X365 with 96% end-user satisfaction.

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    A strong team of dedicated highly trained engineers and specialized subject matter experts knowledgeable in all IT related matters.

Our Commitment

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    We assess exposed IT risks, cyber risks and develop an IT strategy to help an organization now and into the future. 
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    We modernize IT and leverage our high-performance private cloud. We are instantly providing greater end-user productivity and securing intellectual property.
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    We maintain and support ongoing modernization, keeping client data secure and productivity at its best for continued operational efficiency.  

Our Mission

To be a leader in technology innovation and sustainability while delivering  outstanding, cutting edge IT and cloud solutions that add real value. Advance2000’s goal is to make computing safe and secure. We employ several internal and external tools to act on threats. Advance2000’s secure, fast, and reliable cloud does not just work for our customers, but for the benefit of our customers, in an efficient, effortless manner that protects their interests.

Our Vision

Advance2000 offers high-performance private cloud computing where your data is your data and not ours. Your data is never sold, analyzed or shared; it is always secured and encrypted for your protection. Your Data will only reside in US based Advance2000 owned datacenters.

Advance2000’s Cloud N-Touch provides private cloud telephony and conferencing were your conversations are never recorded or monitored by anyone.

Advance2000 helps organizations with IT Strategies that will align IT to better serve the business, while reducing risk, operational cost and modernizing the business.

Our Values

Advance2000 is driven by strong core values: Teamwork, Trust, and Transparency. Our number one priority is to serve clients and help them with their IT.

Our values of Teamwork, Transparency and Trust spills over to our customers, we treat them like we want to be treated. Our values are:

  • Satisfaction-6

    We believe in teamwork with our staff, our clients and our vendors.

  • Certified-1

    We believe relationships are founded on trust and recognize the trust You have placed in us to manage Your IT. We will always work tirelessly to exceed Your expectations.

  • Risk-Assement

    Advance2000 believes in transparent relationships. We will always provide You updates and notifications to keep You informed about changes and share with You all the facts.