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Why Advance2000?

  • Our Private Cloud Computing enables your business to have greater productivity, agility, performance, disaster recovery, security, scalability, collaboration and overall efficiency.
  • Advance2000 is a private cloud. Your data and intellectual property are always safe and secure.
  • We have a five-star support rating—direct feedback collected from our client’s end-users.
  • We are a stable organization with solid financials and have been in business for over 30 years.
  • We are flexible and willing to create solutions to solve our client’s unique challenges.
  • Our dedicated, highly-trained engineering staff hold certifications from companies including: Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, HP, Citrix, VMWare.
  • We perform constant R&D on new technologies.
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    IT Risk Assessment and Strategy

    Using the cloud, and specifically cloud desktops, you can easily and quickly scale up or down according to your needs. The cloud can also easily scale to accommodate a Firm’s storage needs.

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    High Performance Private Cloud Computing

    One of the fastest, most secure cloud computing platform on the market today. Our cloud is private, and your information is highly protected, encrypted, and backed up to ensure your business’s safety and privacy.

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    Enterprise Telephony and Collaboration

    Bring your users together with voice, virtual meetings, chat, document sharing, and video. With Advance2000 Cloud N-Touch, your conversations are never analyzed or monitored with our platform your privacy is a priority.

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    Live Responsive Support

    We take pride in our 4.7 out of 5 customer rating of our 24 x 7 x 365 day a year live support. Our team takes full ownership of every support call and manages all the underlying third-party technologies and vendors to full customer resolution.