Make it easier than ever to secure your entire company and data with Advance2000’s access security products. Take the guess work out of securing your access and leave it to us!

Lock down your business applications and services and ensure your data security with our multi-factor authentication offerings.

Advance2000 leverages Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) platform to enable a secure logon experience for several applications and services including our Virtual Desktop solution and Microsoft 365 Services.  It’s the simplest and most effective way to make sure users are who they say they are when logging into an organization and helps keep data secure.


Multi-Factor Authentication Approach

data colleetion



As a consultant we listen to business needs and challenges.  We perform data collection required for any multi-factor authentication needs to discover what application and services need to be secured.  The data collection will be reviewed with the customer prior to deployment.

deployment MFA



Customer tenants will be set up and configured to align with industry standards.  Application requirements will be introduced, configured, and tested to align with business goals and security posture.

Email Migration



After Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication has been successfully deployed there will be a full transition to an entitled 24/7/365 support model for your company and users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Over 80% of the breaches categorized under web application attacks can be attributed to stolen credentials, allowing attackers to login rather than break-in.


What is MFA and why is it so important?

Password security has drastically changed over the last few years.  We no longer can only rely on a complex password structure to ensure the security of our accounts.

We now have to have a second layer of security to ensure hackers cannot gain access even if they have your password.  At Advance2000, we partner with Duo Security to bring hassle free, user-friendly multi-factor authentication to our clients.

Get the most out of your IT investment and protect your business

Ready to make the move to MFA?

Keep your firm from being a statistic.  Adding the additional layer of security with multi-factor authentication will help to ensure your users cannot have a hacker access their accounts.

With our MFA services you will:

  • Defend


    Our multi-factor authentication partner, Duo Security, provides your end-users with the ability to decide what works best for them.  One time password, push notifications, phone call, etc..

  • Icon-EMAIL-Security-05-typosquatting


    As your partner, we will take on the heavy lifting when it comes to protecting your infrastructure but having MFA will bring your security to the next level.


I know we have the support of Advance2000’s Help desk as well as our Account Managers in the event that something goes awry. I trust that if there is a problem they will see it through to find a resolution and deliver as quickly as possible. We’ve had the same folks supporting our account for years and have built a trust that can’t easily be replaced.
Christine Halik, CELJ’s Operations Manager