Anytime, Anywhere Access: Cloud Computing

THIS is Cloud Computing – The ability to work where ever you want to. Chances are you have already used a cloud based program today. If you checked your gmail, streamed a Youtube video or logged into Facebook then you have already accessed information stored in a cloud. We are moving to an interconnected “world […]

Overcome Your IT Challenges

Gain Profitability and Productivity with Advance2000 Cloud Computing. IT Challenges…. 1.  Aging Network Equipment Running Old Software (i.e. Servers Running Microsoft 2003) 2.  No offsite backup or storage capabilities (i.e. No Disaster Recovery Capabilities) 3.  Older Voice System with Limited capabilities (i.e.  Seven year old voice system – no collaboration, mobility, and call management features) […]

Advance2000 Culture & Values

We are a high performance organization committed to collective growth and success of everyone – our customers, our vendors and our organization. We are customer service-centric organization that believes that the best service comes from employing the best people. We provide the highest levels of customer service and consider our customers’ success as our own. […]

Enhancing Integrated Communications in Healthcare

Advance2000 provides dynamic communication solutions that transform traditional institutional care into proactive, patient-centered healthcare.  By securely and efficiently connecting healthcare professionals, patients and families, we offer solutions from telemedicine and real-time communications to wireless and bedside communications. We assist healthcare organizations by improving patient care through advanced connectivity. Our dedicated healthcare team provides healthcare solutions […]

Optimization Tips for AutoCAD in the Advance2000 Cloud

Running AutoCAD in the Advance2000 Cloud is a little bit different than working on a physical desktop. In the Advance2000 Cloud, visual changes on your AutoCAD desktop, particularly mouse and cursor actions, are sent back through the wire to your physical computer and monitor. Accordingly, there are AutoCAD settings that can minimize the amount of […]

Advance2000 BIM Cloud Computing Q & A

Advance2000 BIM Cloud provides a high performance solution for your graphical work stations. The collaborative nature of the Advance2000 BIM Cloud improves collaboration between designers, architects, and contractors. Our experience providing Private Cloud Solutions to the AEC market has led us to evolve and grow the Advance2000 BIM Cloud to better serve your needs.  Here […]

Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing Provides…

…greater agility and improved performance, redundancy, security and collaboration. Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing solutions can optimize your business to make it more agile, mitigate risk and reduce costs. By hosting your IT infrastructure in ‘the cloud’, you can perform all of your critical business functions from anywhere with a secure internet connection. Reasons why business […]

Industries In Our Cloud

High Performance Cloud Computing for Your Business. Advance2000 can deliver comprehensive IT solutions to optimize productivity so that any industry can operate at its highest performance. We are an early adopter and a leading provider of Private Cloud Computing solutions. Our experience, paired with our state-of-the-art data center, allows our customers to take advantage of […]

Start Using our Cloud Today!

Try the Cloud Free demo accounts that allow you to “kick the tires.” Use the Cloud Do a small, proof-of-concept project with minimal commitment. Embrace the Cloud Formulate your cloud strategy to move more projects & IT to our cloud. Your business will benefit from Advance2000’s Private Cloud Computing Solutions by: IT Cost Savings Real-Time […]

Advance2000 BIM and The Cloud

Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub The Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub is a network of BIM Clouds that allows every firm on the building design team to collaborate in real-time, as if they were sitting in the same physical office. Our Private BIM Cloud supercharges a firm’s IT, and provides a way for teams to work together […]

20 Reasons to Consider a Private Cloud Computing

Private Cloud Computing is a secure, dynamic and instant platform for delivering IT services to all employees throughout an organization. Using applications hosted at a remote IT facility or data center), the information is accessible anywhere via a secure internet connection. (01) Whole team can be virtual/collaboration (02) Increased productivity (03) Enterprise class security, redundancy […]

Welcome to the Advance2000 Blog

We’re so glad to be able to bring you more information about Advance2000 through our new company blog! Some upcoming things you can expect to see on our blog are: Updates about our products and services Informational posts from our Business Line experts Fun and exciting updates about Cloud Computing Lots more fun and exciting […]

Advance2000 Cloud Computing Solutions

Advance2000 Cloud Computing solutions optimize your business to have greater agility, redundancy, security, scalability, collaboration and overall efficiency.