Standard MU Desktop from Advance2000

Advance2000 recently launched the newest addition to our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) lineup, the Standard MU Desktop. This latest IaaS product is ideal for small businesses looking for a low entry price for virtual desktop environments.

How the Standard MU Desktop Came to Be

We’ve been deploying virtual desktops (VDIs) for a variety of verticals for decades. VDIs are attractive IT options for small- to-medium enterprises as they offer solutions for reducing hardware costs, working remotely, and streamlining collaboration. Large enterprises especially have a lot to gain from the Virtual Desktops’ flexibility and robust nature, as the reduced capital expenditure for an organization of that size can be significant.

However, Advance2000 owner and CEO Brian Maouad identified a significant pain-point among small businesses looking to implement VDIs. Some small businesses had employees whose job requirements did not need the processing power the most basic VDIs offered, while another employee or two might nearly max out their own VDI processing power to complete their deliverables. Each user had their own secure private virtual desktop through this system, but at a cost.

Brian figured there had to be a way to provide small business employees the resources available to large businesses at a more affordable price point. Hence, he and the Advance2000 software engineers went to work to create our own version of a standard multiuser desktop.

What Does the Standard MU Desktop Do?

The Advance2000 Standard MU (short for “multiuser”) Desktop is the newest addition to our Advance2000 Cloud line up. This innovative product combines the individual user profile customization of a VDI with the economies of a shared resource environment.

Traditionally, a shared-resource environment such as Microsoft’s remote desktop services (RDS) can have a large number of users on one machine, but the client workloads need to be relatively light for the best user experience and performance. For the office that only runs web-based applications, Office applications, and email, traditional RDS provides high resiliency and runs those applications smoothly. But download an Adobe Creative Cloud application, and unfortunately you’ll begin to experience relatively low performance.

The Standard MU Desktop allows for several users to share an enriched block of resources delivered through our VMware Horizon Platform. At any given time, users will be connected to the MU desktop and have access to the entire pool of company resources while maintaining their own private individual profiles and desktops. If this sounds almost too good to be true, we’d love to set up a demo for you!

Resources: The Tech Jargon

The Standard MU server has an 8 Core Xeon processor and 128 GB of RAM, which is far more than any of Advance2000’s other VDI offerings. It runs on a Windows Server. Each server shares 5 GB of NVidia Quadro Graphics and 920 GB of local flash storage. This desktop solution can definitely run some Creative Cloud applications for when you need them. For more technical details, contact us.

Who Can Use the Standard MU Desktop?

This unique product is the ideal low cost IT solution for small businesses. Accounting firms, law offices, NFP organizations, and doctors’ offices will benefit from our best price-performing software. Our business development executives will work directly with you to calculate your organization’s exact needs, and make certain those needs are supported.

Always Innovating in the Infrastructure as a Service Field

This new and improved service is going to be your new favorite IT solution. We’re proud to have created a  product that offers such a high level of computing performance at a lower price point. This solved our goal to help our customers reduce their IT overhead so they can do more with a smaller budget.

The Standard MU Desktop is live and running on our privately owned Stateside Advance2000 Data Center servers. If you’d like to demo its performance for yourself, contact one of our Business Development Executives. We can set up a demo to see how the Standard MU Desktop runs with your own business programs and applications, answer technical questions, and determine whether the Standard MU Desktop is the right IT solution for your business.

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  1. Jad
    Jad says:

    This is a great solution for any organization that needs to take full advantage of cloud computing without breaking the bank.

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I work with many clients daily that often feel they cannot migrate to a virtual cloud solution because of cost, and at times don’t fully understand what they would be getting into. Well, this new solution can help in multiple ways. You can demo (get a taste), then work with A2K experts to get that “needed understanding”, and in turn help realize the value of going virtual. Then let A2K “fine tune” those needs with you while building a solution that not only maximizes your efficiencies, but keeps costs at a minimum.


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