PennFIRST Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Case Study

PennFIRST has successfully implemented an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Project using Advance2000’s Project Cloud Technology.

Penn Medicine’s newest facility will be delivered through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process. IPD is a highly collaborative project process that achieves better outcomes and reduces waste throughout the design and construction phases.

Collaboration is difficult to achieve and essential to project success. A borderless collaborative way to work promotes productivity and innovation. Projects need a way to facilitate work sharing between multiple firms to enhance communication and collaboration for its project.

IPD requires teams to work differently. For an IPD project to be successful the Building Design Team cannot work in isolation any longer. Teams that don’t work together don’t succeed. IPD is teams working together and communicating. How do multiple firms designing a hospital work together?

Advance2000 helps firms collaborate, innovate and promote the use of BIM and IPD. Advance2000’s Project Cloud creates a “Virtual Colocation” that allows real time collaboration with multiple firms. Advance2000’s Private Cloud solution is the engine to drive project collaboration and efficiency.

For more information, download the full CASE STUDY or contact us.

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