Optimization Tips for AutoCAD in the Advance2000 Cloud

Running AutoCAD in the Advance2000 Cloud is a little bit different than working on a physical desktop. In the Advance2000 Cloud, visual changes on your AutoCAD desktop, particularly mouse and cursor actions, are sent back through the wire to your physical computer and monitor. Accordingly, there are AutoCAD settings that can minimize the amount of screen “chattiness” for a faster experience in the Advance2000 Cloud; this blog post describes the most useful settings:

Optimization Tip #1 | CursorSize

Set AutoCAD crosshair size (CURSORSIZE) to a small value.  CURSORSIZE value is expressed as percentage of screen, from 1 – 100%.  Avoid large or full size crosshairs, this setting alone significantly impacts cursor action and performance.

Default:  5
Command line:  CURSORSIZE   4
Dialog Box:  Options > Display > Crosshair size > 4

Optimization Tip #2 | 3D Object Snap

Turn off 3D Object Snap unless actually needed.

Command Line:  3DOSMODE  1
Dialog Box:  DSettings > 3D Object Snap > uncheck all > uncheck “3D Object Snaps On”
Shortcuts:   F4 + same settings as above, or dehighlight 3D Object Snap button on status bar.

Optimization Tip #3 | Selection Preview

Controls when objects are highlighted when moving cursor around.  Highlighting objects and applying highlight “effects” slows down the display.  Recommend setting highlight only when a command is active. Also see PREVIEWEFFECT below.

Command Line:  SELECTIONPREVIEW  2   (preview only occurs when a command is active)
Dialog Box:   Options > Selection > Selection Preview > only check on “When a command is active”.

Optimization Tips #4  #5  #6

PREVIEWEFFECT  0  – set simple “dash” highlight mode when mousing over objects, instead of slower display modes.

SELECTIONANNODISPLAY   0  –  turns off temporary dimmed display of annotative object scales.

VTENABLE  0  –  turns off display of View Transition styles, which are unnecessary.

We hope that these six Optimization Tips for AutoCAD will prove useful in optimizing your AutoCAD experience in the Advance2000 Cloud. There are numerous other unique tips and techniques that can enhance performance when engaged in specific editing and modeling functions in AutoCAD. AEC customers will gain access to the full set of AutoCAD optimization tips and techniques when transitioning to the Advance2000 Cloud.

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