Mashburn Construction Case Study

Advance2000 stands apart from other IT firms because we know the AEC industry. We understand the demands unique to BIM programs, work schedules, and the mandatory need to work remote, either at worksites, hotels, or home.

“There are many IT companies, but only a handful that understand the AEC industry and application challenges.  We didn’t leave other IT companies, we went TO Advance2000 because of their industry focus.”

Our partners, Mashburn Construction of South Carolina, came to us because of accessibility struggles. Their 80 person firm and three-office firm needed a more robust infrastructure to support their projects and connectivity. Since joining Advance2000 they’ve added another 30 jobs and opened a fourth office. They signed on to stay because of the deep commitment we have to their success and the breadth of AEC knowledge we demonstrate on a regular basis.

Learn more about Mashburn Construction’s move to the Advance2000 Cloud

Mashburn Construction

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