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In this blog post, I want to share a few more details in regards to “IPD and the Cloud”.  In November 2016, I published this article on the AECbytes website.  Read the full article, link below.

On more than one occasion, I have been told that there are very few choices on the market right now for a fully outsourced, turn-key private cloud specializing in the AEC market–save Advance2000.  We didn’t wake up one day and decide to build a private cloud for the AEC industry.  Rather, it was because we were running the day-to-day IT operations for our clients and experienced first-hand the challenges they were facing to execute IPD projects.  We are problem solvers and there definitely was a problem to solve.  Microsoft Windows and PC’s have done a lot to change this industry but it hasn’t come without a cost.  Distributed technology is MUCH harder to manage and costs more than centralized technology.  By ripping a page out of the IBM mainframe playbook, we were able to provide the centralization and security of an IBM mainframe while maintaining the usage of the Windows PC applications.  Now our clients have a choice.  At first the adoption of centralized desktops in a private cloud was very slow (kind of reminds me of Revit).  But now centralized cloud services are common place and A2K is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the private cloud we’ve built for the AEC industry.  Many of our clients see this as a competitive advantage for their project but I can share some highlights of IPD in action:


  • ANF architects, a small 60-person office in one Memphis, TN location was able to invite a consultant partner into their private cloud to collaborate on this project.  And the consultant was a much larger company and had their own private cloud.
  • Several hospitals were designed in our private cloud with many firms involved.  In fact on one IPD project, the permitting needed to be fast-tracked and the Municipality responsible for issuing permits was invited to the private cloud so they could review work as it was being designed.  Healthcare projects are very complex and these IPD projects have been completed with multiple lead firms and consultants.  There is less project “lag” and time is money.
  • A federal project was completed in an IPD project with consultants in Alaska and lower-48 locations.

Many times firms come to us in need of a private cloud for IPD.  Great, we set them up.  Once they learn this new way of working, they get very excited and want us to run more of their business applications.  Hosted PBX?  check.  Email?  check.  Newforma?  check.  Deltek?  check.  If you are leary about moving to a private cloud, TEST it first and draw your own conclusions.  Firms R&D all kinds of technology and a private cloud is no different.  I recommend to clients if they have never experienced Revit running on a high performance cloud desktop, call us up and we’ll get you two free demo accounts.  You can collaborate between the two with your models.  Once you are convinced that this might just work, setup a small proof-of-concept that has your specific applications and start collaborating.  You don’t have to wait for an IPD project to be awarded.  Get 2-3 workstations setup now so that you are ready to go when you do need it.  It takes approx 2-4 weeks to setup a private cloud, get your setup in our service desk, apply security, etc.  But once it is setup, we can scale out more workstations overnight. Or you can roll like some of our clients that are already “sold” on a private cloud and ask “how fast can you set us up?”

Try it, you’ll like it!

AECBYTES Nov 14,2016 Viewpoint Article, IPD and the Cloud

A recent IPD case study running in the Advance2000 (A2K) private cloud: PennFirst IPD


If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Chris France




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