Advance2000 is Happy to Support Infrastructure Week 2019

The seventh annual Infrastructure Week kicks off May 13th and runs through May 20th.   Here at Advance2000, we are proud supporters of infrastructure week and the build for tomorrow initiative.

Infrastructure Week is a national event to bring attention to the United States’ systems that desperately need repairs, expansion, and funding. As our AEC clients have differing areas of expertise, we want to support those in infrastructure engineering and construction by bringing awareness to this national week of education and advocacy.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the United States’ “infrastructure is in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements approaching the end of their service life.” Particularly since the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Katrina on the levees in New Orleans, the ASCE set forth the Critical Infrastructure Guidance Task Committee which published the Guiding Principles for the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure in 2009. In the report, the committee “developed a set of interdependent guiding principles to inform the planning, funding, design, construction, and operation of critical infrastructure systems” (page 5).  Those principles all include aspects of coordination and communication among varying parties involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure systems.

Naturally, ways to accomplish these goals are to have robust collaboration systems so everyone involved can access the necessary information the moment they need it. Unified communications makes it easier for anyone to reach other parties involved, or see who is working on any given piece of the project. Considering infrastructure repairs and improvements are hot topics in the current administration, it will be crucial to have information technology systems in place to accurately evaluate physical infrastructures so as to move projects forward quickly and smoothly.

Of course, it’s not just computing power and data visibility that prevents jobs getting done. It is also access to public and private support, funds, and time.

Infrastructure Week wants to bring these issues to the front of stakeholder’s attention. Leading up to and including Infrastructure Week (May 13th through May 20th), partnering cities will host events and educational forums to bring about awareness and encourage policy makers and leaders to act. To find an event you can get involved with, check out Infrastructure Weeks’ Calendar of Events.

If there is not an event going on in your area, you can still get involved:

  • The ASCE has a Write-a-Letter campaign for you to easily send your elected officials emails about the 2017 Infrastructure Report, the latest publication from the ASCE, which graded the US’s infrastructure as a D+. As the president, senate, and house are all in agreement that the infrastructure needs improvement and recently agreed to dedicate $2 trillion to the effort, it’s important to put pressure on our representatives to determine where that funding is going to come from. Go to to email all your federal representatives about this pressing issue in one go.
  • The US Department of Transportation has opened applications for the 2019 BUILD grants. $900 million in infrastructure grant funds are available for investments in surface transportation infrastructure and will be awarded to projects that will have significant local or regional impact. For more information, visit the DOT a t 
  • If you’ve been wanting to host your own event, it’s not too late. has several resources to help you create or organize an event to draw attention to infrastructure needs. Visit for toolkits, ideas, and shareables.

Advance2000 has supported the AEC industry’s computing needs since our beginning. We understand precisely how critical real-time collaboration is in this industry and our Cloud Compute powers some of the top AEC firms around. In addition, our hosted unified communication solutions help provide a full suite of IT services to our clients, all supported with 24/7/365 customer support. It’s our priority that your project goes smoothly at every stage at any time. It’s not just about getting the job done right, it’s about enabling engineers to easily uphold themselves to their established code of ethics.

For more information on how Advance2000 can support your Civil Engineering firm IT needs, contact one of our business developers today.

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  1. Paul Perrello
    Paul Perrello says:

    Twelve years ago a bridge between Minneapolis & Saint Paul collapsed without warning into the Mississippi River during the evening rush hour. It was a wake up call. Yet still our infrastructure is in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard. We as a nation needs to drive this agenda for our own good.


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