With your creativity and our powerful Compute, you can design anything. We provide private cloud computing specific for the AEC industry. Designing faster and bringing teams together. Helping hundreds of firms deliver projects with our AEC cloud computing.

Fastest Compute

The AEC requires the highest levels of Compute to design and create.  Our Compute is designed specifically for the AEC providing the highest performing workstations in the cloud. You can run all your design applications at the highest possible speed. We dedicate the fastest and highest number of CPUs, GPUs, System RAM and GPU RAM for each individual user to ensure the greatest level of productivity.

Seamless Collaboration & More Security

You require fast real-time collaboration with your offices, outside firms and the client.  Our Compute allows everyone to work together from anywhere, on any device while protecting intellectual property.  Our cloud is private, secure and your data only resides in the US at Advance2000 owned data centers.

Higher ROI

Our Compute is over 40% more cost effective than other clouds and provides more value.  Firms that switched to our Compute have gained productivity and saved on their IT with substantially higher returns on their investment then attempting to build IT internally.  We provide flat rate pricing on servers, workstations, storage and bandwidth. Your monthly bill is easy to understand and predictable. There are no hidden costs or per minute charges.

Instant Support

We support all your IT needs and provide Vertical Market Experts on your business applications, IT issues, BIM applications and provide model audits to help our clients maintain productivity. Advance2000 support extends beyond general IT, covering your offices and local infrastructure 24 X 7 X 365 so you can focus on project delivery.