The Cloud and Your Blood Pressure

We’ve all got stress in our lives, but the cloud can help you reduce your stress level…stress from computers anyway.

So many wonderful things you can do with technology!
So many things that can go wrong…

Computers have been stressful from the moment they were invented. Hardware, programming, malware control, software updates, backups; everything has to be just right in order to get consistent desired results from computers.

Over time we have become numb to the care and upkeep computers need to work correctly. We know they require maintenance and we are aware of our responsibilities, but we don’t always do the right thing to keep ourselves out of trouble. We choose the easy route and ignore the potentially DISASTROUS results of not maintaining our technology properly. We know bad things can happen, but we don’t know what to do to avoid them, so we just keep typing, hoping that everything will be ok.

For example, how confident are you that you are backing up your data effectively?
Who is responsible for updating your anti-virus and malware protection?
What do you do when those popup reminders show up on your screen? Do you immediately stop work and update? Then do you follow with a system restart?

Or do you keep typing, hoping that everything will work out?

On your home computer, ignoring these responsibilities can be disappointing, frustrating, and sometimes heartbreaking. You might lose a file, maybe get a virus that slows you down, or worse need to take your computer to the local repair shop for a few days.

But when it comes to business, a serious technology problem can force you to send all your employees home for the day. If the problem continues, you might close the doors and turn off the lights, permanently.

What can you do to avoid these stressors? Unfortunately, sometimes in business you throw money at the problem and hope it goes away. That is not always the best choice for a business owner.

What are your options?

  • Ignore them (head in the sand technique)
  • Eliminate the cause (stop using computers, not really an option)

Or can you remove the stress from computing?


  • Hardware updates
  • Software updates
  • Malware/anti-virus updates
  • Backups

How do you do that? The answer is simple.

Take your cell phone as an example. Without realizing it, you have been working in the cloud for years, enjoying the efficiency and benefits of the cloud and not worrying about all the problems mentioned above. Email, banking, friends, news, and documents are available wherever you go, right in your pocket or purse.

A cell phone works great for some things. But what if you could do EVERYTHING in the cloud? What if you had your entire desktop computer and network, as well as all your files, software, and processing power, with you wherever you go?

Everything in the cloud. All of it.

  • No more worrying about your computer or server breaking.
  • No more costly PC upgrades
  • No more losing precious information and files.
  • No more software updates.
  • No more anti-virus or malware updates.
  • No more worrying about backups.
  • No more stress!

If this sounds good to you or to find out how Desktops as a Service (DaaS) and the Cloud can help your business and relieve your IT stress, contact Justin Allen at 704-200-9746 or contact Advance2000.

Let’s talk.

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