CGL Case Study

CGL was ready to migrate to a dedicated cloud solution and needed an IT partner who understood their unique needs as a justice facilities architecture firm. The challenge was finding the right solution provider with expertise in the AEC industry.

“We chose to continue our partnership with Advance2000 and increase our use and involvement due to the support and timely solutions provided to our staff.”

CGL grew rapidly in the early 2010’s as several boutique architecture firms came together under a parent company name. Each firm brought their own local IT infrastructure and worked in silo disparate teams. They regularly had issues collaborating across their multiple offices and accessing company documents stored on the parent server.

They discovered Advance2000’s project cloud at a New York City Revit User Group Meeting in 2015 when they were introduced to Advance2000’s Adam Glass (no relation). Since then they have experienced the growth they desired and more.

Read how the BIM professionals at CGL were able to not only address these issues and more, but how the entire company improved their IT infrastructure in ways they didn’t know existed. CGL has grown their teams, their portfolio, and their brand recognition in the justice facility sector due to IT infrastructure optimization.

Learn more about CGL’s move to the Advance2000 Cloud


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