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10 Reasons SMBs Run Better on VoIP

When looking to move to VoIP, make sure to partner with an expert that can provide all of your telephony needs. From implementation to support, Advance2000 can get your SMB set up with the best VoIP solution.

Setting Your 2019 IT Budget

Technology in Construction Benefits

Technology In Construction Benefits Technology in construction isn’t discussed anywhere near as much as it deserves to be. Construction has a rosy outlook for the not-so-distant future, and here’s a look at the technology to help get us there faster and cheaper. The Future of Construction Construction is on the up and up. Statista (https://www.statista.com/statistics/226368/projected-value-of-total-us-construction/) […]

Your School Connected: E-Rate Updates for 2019

Your School Connected: E-Rate Updates for 2019 The filing window for the School and Libraries Universal Service Support Program—more commonly known as E-Rate—is nearly open. E-Rate has been a significant relief on school spending and helped districts stretch their already thin budgets. Administrative Window Make certain your organization’s E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) profile is correct […]

Back to Basics: Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Death by PowerPoint!  It doesn’t have to be.  PowerPoint, like a lot of tools, is as good or bad as the user.  Read the following tips in this article and you will be giving more effective PowerPoint presentations in no time.  Even if you’re already a PowerPoint Zen Master, you still might pick up an […]