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Revit Collaboration Strategies Presentation

Last year, in October of 2017, Chris France, Regional President of Advance2000, presented some useful Revit collaboration strategies to the Orange County Revit User Group. In his presentation, Chris discussed the four aspects of the Revit Collaboration Matrix (App Local, Data Local, App Remote, and Data Remote), and the pros and cons of each strategy. […]

Advance2000 and Hub Technology Group, Inc.: A Fruitful Partnership Continues in 2018

Over the past three years, we’ve had the privilege of working with Hub Technology Group Inc. (HubTGI), a managed services technology company, to bring exclusive access to Advance2000’s managed IT services to businesses in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada. This partnership enables us to provide technology risk assessments, security reviews and assessments, network reviews, network […]

13 Eye-Opening Cybersecurity Facts

In light of recent global cyberattacks (read: WannaCry), it’s more important than ever to understand the risks of poor cybersecurity. According to Skyhigh, virtually every organization experiences at least one cloud-based threat per month. In fact, three out of four IT professionals cited their businesses were at risk for cybersecurity (and man-made) disasters. Many businesses […]

Doing What’s Right: Helping Our Kids Get More. Advance2000 Questioning The Buffalo Schools’ Bidding Process

Advance2000 CFO Jad Maouad challenges the integrity of the Buffalo Public Schools’ bidding process for a contract to upgrade technology that would affect children in all 70 Buffalo Public Schools. Read more on Jad’s moral stance in his personal letter to the media below. To: The Media       Date: 5/16/2017 From: Jad Maouad Governance […]

The Cloud and Your Blood Pressure

We’ve all got stress in our lives, but the cloud can help you reduce your stress level…stress from computers anyway. So many wonderful things you can do with technology! So many things that can go wrong… Computers have been stressful from the moment they were invented. Hardware, programming, malware control, software updates, backups; everything has […]