Meals on Wheels of Western New York serves approximately 1,800 homebound seniors out of 25 sites throughout WNY with the assistance of approximately 400 volunteers each and every day. Our Advance2000 Meals on Wheels for Western New York Team provides an opportunity for City of Buffalo residents facing food insecurity to receive support. Our team has a dedicated pick-up time each week and delivers healthy meals on our Adopted Route by giving up just one lunch hour a month!

“I appreciate you all and what you do for us in this snow! Stay warm out there and go Bills!” ~ Advance2000 Meals Recipient


You bet! It’s very easy to give back. Here are some FAQs to help you get started:

Q: Is Meals on Wheels nationwide?

A: Yes! Search for your local/regional Meals on Wheels program and look into adopting a weekly route. We found it very easy to call and speak with someone to get us setup. It is a great way for companies and groups to give back to their community regardless of how busy someone’s schedule may be.

Q: How many people/employees do I need to participate?

A: We suggest finding 8 individuals to participate in covering a weekly route. Working in pairs (a driver and a server), each of these participants gives up just one lunch hour a month and can cover for one another as needed.


In June 2016, Meals on Wheels America and the Ad Council launched a two-year national campaign to recruit new volunteers, on the national and local levels. For many seniors, the volunteer who delivers their meal is the only person they will see that day. While on delivery, Advance2000 volunteers take the time for friendly visits and safety checks that make it possible for these dignified individuals to age in their community. Advance2000 participants took part in an orientation to ensure training to watch out for troubling developments in each home—a recipient who seems out of sorts or ill, an unsafe condition in the house (such as debris or temperature issues), etc.—and follow specific instructions for reporting such incidents. This safety check provides peace of mind to clients and caregivers alike.

Advance2000’s Meals on Wheels of WNY Team may never be able to serve 1,800 seniors a day, but we will never stop trying to reach and give more to our most vulnerable homebound neighbors each year. With volunteers like Jamie, Amado, Cassandra, Tim, Chris, Ron, Andrew, Christine, Brian and Jad on our team, Advance2000 is up to the task!

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