“My internet goes down every week!”

“My phone calls get dropped at least once a day!”

“My computer is so slow!”

“I can’t collaborate with anyone & everything takes too much time!”

These are just a few of the things we hear every day when customers come looking for help…

If you’re thinking about changing your voice and data provider for your business, chances are it seems like a hefty task and it’s definitely not an inconsequential decision. Advance2000’s Carrier Services Division will take the weight off of your shoulders and show you the way.

To begin the process here are a few tasks to get started…

Take Inventory / Create Roster

How can you make any change before really understanding what you already have, right? The first step here is to gather all of your existing contracts/invoices/etc. and consolidate the information into one place. If you’re able to gather and simply CANNOT get it organized, call us and we’ll do it for you!

Our experts will research information based on your existing agreements and make sure we document and question everything including, but not limited to:

    • How many offices do you have?
    • Do you have Direct Inward Dial Numbers vs. Extensions
    • How many, if any Toll-Free numbers do you use?
    • Are you using cable internet or dedicated fiber or MPLS or?
    • What is your day to day usage look like?
    • How much bandwidth are your employees utilizing and from what?
    • Are you in contract with your existing providers?*

Once we have everything organized it will allow us to move on – the next question is can we do that now or later?

Recognize Your Contractual Obligations

Often enough, companies and individual’s alike sign contracts without understanding what they’re signing. It is important that you keep track of any business relationship coming to an end for more than one reason, but most importantly in this case – you know you’re eligible to switch services. If you don’t know when your current contract is up, we can help! Advance2000 Carrier Consultants can easily do the homework for you with a couple quick calls.

Once we know that you are free to move forward, the fun starts! Our consultants will work with you and your dedicated team here at Advance2000 to weigh your businesses IT strengths and weaknesses. At no additional cost and no strings attached, our professionals will help figure out what your company can afford and provide you with a company growth and cost analysis. Then, we’ll be here for you during the entire implementation of your new services and termination of old services to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Reach out to us to get more information! or call our team at 716.929.7331

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