Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

Our Building Information Model (BIM) Cloud Computing solution can optimize thedesign process while reducing costs and increasing productivity for yourbusiness. Top five benefits to joining our BIMPrivate Datacenter include:

• Seamless Collaboration

• Higher Productivity

• Superior Security

• Enhanced Sustainability



AEC B2B Project Cloud

Facilitating Real-Time Collaboration; Teresa James, Cloud CIO Advance2000

ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) is one of the largest events for the design and construction industry in the country, and the largest regional conference and tradeshow. The building industry varies dramatically from region-to-region due to issues of climate, geography, politics and economics. ABX and the Boston Society of Architects help build long-term relationships around these shared experiences and challenges. ABX offers new ways to work and collaborate, and new tools to help you push the boundaries of design and stay competitive.

Hear from Teresa James- Cloud CIO at Advance2000, about Advance2000 AEC B2B Project Cloud – Facilitating Real-Time Collaboration.


Everyday project teams internally and externally spend time waiting for data to be sent back and forth. Files are passed individual to individual, firm to firm. Large AEC files are resent multiple times due to corruptions or constantly retrieving/ syncing new datasets. Deadlines have to be extended due to technology hiccups or information is delayed and uncoordinated. Come learn how an AEC B2B Project Cloud changes this workflow improving a project team’s productivity, mobility and deliverance on time and under budget.

Teresa James is a Cloud CIO at Advance2000, a full-service IT engineering firm specializing in cloud computing. Her roots started in technology education and progressed to IT leadership.  In her 25+ years in information systems nothing makes her more excited than managing and developing solutions in the AEC industry where her last 17 years have been focused. She utilizes the Advance2000 cloud daily from the Boston area while the heart of the operation resides in Buffalo, NY.  Ms. James can be reached at or on LinkedIn,