Advance2000 100% Accountability Culture

Our definition of Accountability: Doing what you said you would do, as you said you would do it, when you said you would do it – period!

A company must run like a well-oiled machine to maximize profits and stay competitive.

Therefore, specific tools, efficient systems and disciplined processes must be implemented to create a highly productive work environment.

Part of the culture we build here at Advance2000 stems from Accountability. At the end of the day, we all need to be accountable, in our personal and professional lives.

All employees who work for Advance2000 know that we expect:

100% accountability
100% of the time
By all and for all;
We pay for results!

Excuses, placing blame and whining are unacceptable!

To permanently eliminate surprises of non–performances, the moment one knows that a commitment will be missed, the obligation is:

1. TALK (no e-mail or no voice mail) to the person whom the commitment was made.
2. PROVIDE at least two viable solutions to meet the original goal- that will need the person’s approval. (If approval is not needed –then take the appropriate action without approval).

Three ideas that when applied immediately, will improve your personal results and those of the employees of your company:

1. Delegate work more effectively.
2. Enhance effective communication.
3. Eliminate the words “I’ll try” from your vocabulary.

By applying these facets in your daily work and life, you will be a much more successful in your workplace and in your personal life. The results begin to trickle to everyone. Your clients, friends, family and customers notice the difference.