Anytime, Anywhere Access: Cloud Computing

THIS is Cloud Computing – The ability to work where ever you want to.


Chances are you have already used a cloud based program today. If you checked your gmail, streamed a Youtube video or logged into Facebook then you have already accessed information stored in a cloud.

We are moving to an interconnected “world of many clouds”. This will give people access to services any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.. Read more

Overcome Your IT Challenges

Gain Profitability and Productivity with Advance2000 Cloud Computing.

IT Challenges….
1.  Aging Network Equipment Running Old Software (i.e. Servers Running Microsoft 2003)
2.  No offsite backup or storage capabilities (i.e. No Disaster Recovery Capabilities)
3.  Older Voice System with Limited capabilities
(i.e.  Seven year old voice system – no collaboration, mobility, and call management features)
4.  Major pending desktop investment (i.e. Desktop Lease expiring within 90 days)
5.  Limited IT engineering resources (i.e. One employee with limited application and network experience)

With Advance2000 Cloud Computing…
1. Your Server Hardware is Always Refreshed
2. Complete Availability as Your Data is Always Protected
3. State of the Art Telephony that will greatly improve your Collaboration
4. Latest and greatest desktops – No more sudden investments
5. Expert Resources at your finger-tips