Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing Provides…

…greater agility and improved performance, redundancy, security and collaboration. Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing solutions can optimize your business to make it more agile, mitigate risk and reduce costs. By hosting your IT infrastructure in ‘the cloud’, you can perform all of your critical business functions from anywhere with a secure internet connection. Reasons why business owners benefit from the Advance2000 Private Cloud:

Virtualization – Virtualization drives utilization of your hardware up tremendously thus allowing to afford better performing hardware. Also, in the event of failure, virtualization provides real-time migration of servers or desktops to keep your system availability and people utilization high.

Agility – Deploying your technology faster achieves faster business results.  If a system is already built in the cloud, we just add users.  Otherwise, you have to design-build-deploy a new system and that takes time.

Cost – IT costs scale exponentially when it is distributed into all your offices.  In the cloud, they scale linearly by taking advantage of consolidation and economies of scale. The Advance2000 Private Cloud reduces your large capital acquisitions and provides more IT capabilities.

Mobility – How many individuals are confined to their office?  Workers want to be able to work anywhere and anytime.  The cloud keeps your IT infrastructure stationary so your people can go mobile.  If we can push a high performance workstation into a datacenter, we can push any application into the datacenter.

Data Centralization – Having all your IT assets in the Advance2000 datacenter rather than scattered around multiple offices provides a huge advantage.  Most businesses are sitting on terabytes of information that is hard to find and use.  The cloud allows us to bring people to the data, rather than the other way around.

Regulatory Compliance & Security – This is very expensive, time consuming and requires constant vigilance.  The Advance2000 Private Cloud is able to pass the regulatory hurdles and each business in the cloud does not have to bear the full brunt of the cost.

Business Continuity – Very basic question, does your computer need electricity to run?  Are all your offices on generator with backup air conditioning? Most are not, but Advance2000 Private Clouds provides this basic level of reliability.

Strategic IT – Your IT strategy and architecture must reinforce IT as a key enabler for your business growth closely aligning with your business vision to promote innovation and improve service quality. The Private Cloud is the way to make a business better, faster, and cost efficient.

Industries In Our Cloud

High Performance Cloud Computing for Your Business.
Advance2000 can deliver comprehensive IT solutions to optimize productivity so that any industry can operate at its highest performance. We are an early adopter and a leading provider of Private Cloud Computing solutions. Our experience, paired with our state-of-the-art data center, allows our customers to take advantage of this service and dramatically improve their business agility, productivity and reduce costs.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
We understand the complexities of the AEC industry. Our Private BIM Cloud supercharges a firm’s IT, and provides a way for teams to work together more effectively. As Advance2000 BIM Cloud users become proficient working in this new environment,they can include their partners, consultants and owners. A firm can even invite consultants to work within their own Private BIM Cloud.

Advance2000 provides industry leading IT solutions to public and private schools. Technology provides the support and challenge required to keep students engaged and motivated and empowers them to reach their potential. Our Education Solutions, such as Hosted/On Premise VoIP or Virtual Desktops/Servers, widen access to resources in a cost-effective way, improve collaboration between institutions, open new avenues for connecting knowledge, lower costs, and easy-to manage, solutions.

Budget pressures force government organizations to seek more cost-effective ways to provide services to their constituents and mission partners. Emerging innovations in Information Technology and Communications (IT&C), such as secure Private Cloud Computing communications and GIS, can help achieve savings and expand the effectiveness of operations.

We offer solutions to provide healthcare organizations with IT solutions that will reduce costs, increase efficiency and drive higher quality patient care. Advance2000’s Private Cloud Computing solutions can host all of your practice’s data in a secure environment that is fully equipped with all necessary redundancy to guarantee that your information is always available to you. Our cloud can host your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), your fully integrated phone system and all of your network and desktop solutions.

Legal, Insurance & Financial
Advance2000’s Private Cloud Computing solutions are ideal for use in the legal, insurance and financial industries because they offer a safe and complete IT solution without the capital expense of installing it on premise. By utilizing the mobility of our Cloud Computing solution, your associates can access their desktops from any secure internet connection, allowing them the flexibility to be productive no matter where their work takes them. We successfully service hundreds of Attorneys on-site and in our Cloud.

Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics
In the manufacturing, distribution and logistics business, it is extremely important to have real-time data available in order to make important decisions regarding your business. With Advance2000’s Cloud Computing Solutions, you can connect all of your facilities, trucks and systems together for maximum operational efficiency and optimization. When you need to deliver your goods on time and at a low cost, you need an IT solution that will provide you with real-time information and operational efficiency. Advance2000 has many solutions to make your organization flexible and agile.

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Your business will benefit from Advance2000’s Private Cloud Computing Solutions by:

  • IT Cost Savings
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Data Centralization
  • High Performance
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • IT Staff Redundancy
  • Secure/Mobile
  • Enhanced Productivity