Advance2000 Cloud Computing Solutions

Advance2000 Cloud Computing solutions optimize your business to have greater agility, redundancy, security, scalability, collaboration and overall efficiency.



Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing Benefits

IT High-Rise:  A private cloud is much like a high-rise office condo.  When you need office space, you have choices to either build/operate your own building or to rent space in a pre-existing building.  A private cloud now gives you the option to rent your entire IT organization just like office space for many of the same reasons.

Reduced Costs: Cloud Computing reduces your hardware, networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with cloud computing, you pay for what you use. It’s quite possible to double your IT capabilities for half the cost.

Scalability: When an organization has outgrown its solution and they start to spend time trying to make the solution fit a need, or they’ve reached scalability capacity, not only does the business owner need to consider the infrastructure expense or capital investment but also the costs associated with maintenance. An organization can scale business’ storage needs seamlessly with Cloud Computing rather than having to go out and purchase expensive programs or hardware.

Real-Time Collaboration: All members of a project can work on files and collaborate in real time from any location.  No more copying files back and forth and waiting for someone to work on them.  These workers can be in your company, or you can collaborate with workers in an outside firm.  Even large, multi-billion dollar companies that have their own private cloud, find it more cost-effective to do projects in our cloud due to the “network of private clouds” with which they can connect to collaborate.  They realize they don’t want to be the IT shop for all their collaboration partners and rely on Advance2000 to do that.  It is our opinion that this capability will be the biggest reason firms adopt a cloud strategy.

Mobility:  When all your workstations, servers, applications are in a centralized data center, you are free to travel about the country with only a cloud access device (e.g. tablet, laptop, terminal, etc.).  This strategy also gives you office space mobility.  Have you ever moved your office only to discover moving your entire IT infrastructure causes a huge business disruption?  With your IT in a private cloud, it doesn’t move when your firm grows.  Office relocation is a snap.

Security: With your company’s data safely stored on secure data centers instead of your server room, losing power due to hurricanes, earthquakes or a construction worker cutting the power lines, you are back at work as long as you have an internet connection.   Advance2000 also has business process and regulations “clouded” so you don’t have to go through the long and costly process of HIPAA or SSAE16 certifications.

Centralization: 10 offices of data spread out all over the US are much hard to manage (and more costly) than 1 data center where all you data is located.  With centralized data, you can leverage your investments in SAN technology (for backup/redundancy) as well as provide high performing tools to access/manipulate the data.

Enterprise IP Telephony: Every business has a phone system and if you are large enough you will have an in-house PBX.  With a “cloud PBX” service that is part of your private cloud, you no longer need expense T1 lines in all your offices to deliver dialtone.  We use a centralized SIP circuit to deliver dialtone to all our customers.  Our phone service has a near zero capital outlay and it’s quite possible to have the savings you receive by shutting off your T1’s pay for the new cloud phone service.

Next Generation Wide Area Network: Many firms with multiple offices connect them by either a VPN over a public internet or a “fully meshed” private MPLS network.  MPLS was needed to gain access to IT resources located in multiple offices.  Once your IT is centralized into one datacenter, the need for a costly MPLS network goes away.  Now our clients can take advantage of high-bandwidth metro Ethernet circuits directly from their office to our datacenter.  Switching from MPLS to Metro Ethernet it is possible to see 5x+ more bandwidth for 30-50% less cost.  In addition, we are replacing expensive routers with switches in this network to save even more money.  A private cloud allows you to take advantage of these new and cost-effective network technologies.

IT Labor: You need highly skilled (and highly paid) individuals to keep your IT running.  Our private cloud optimizes the skilled labor you have so they are as efficient as possible and are leveraged over a larger customer base.  With a private cloud, you get “people redundancy”.  How protected are you if your key IT staff leaves the company or takes a vacation?  A cloud gives you a team of professionals to keep your business running 24×7 no matter who is on vacation.

Economies of Scale: Advance2000 buys IT in bulk which drives down the units costs we can pass along to our customers.  For example, we buy 300TB of storage at a time and the unit cost for 1TB of storage is very low.  If our customers would go out to buy 1TB of storage, their unit cost for that 1TB would be much higher.  We have this buying power in all aspects of IT and pass along the savings to our customers.  Even a firm has enough money to build their own private cloud, they are building for say 200 people.  We’re building a cloud for 10,000+ people and they quickly realize the savings potential.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: Virtualization is an IT best practice to improve your system availability.  You can’t make money when your systems are down.  With all your IT in a cloud data center, you have everything running on generator, multiple HVAC units, multiple servers to provide high-availability to your virtual servers and desktops.  Most SMB’s have no ability to build/maintain this environment.  It allows small firms to gain access to the IT best practices just like the big boys.

Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing enables your business to have greater speed, agility, high performance, redundancy, security, scalability, collaboration and overall efficiency.


The Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub

LinkedIn Group: “Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub”
Advance2000 BIM Cloud clients may join this private LinkedIn Group to connect with one another.  So, when a Dallas Architect is looking for a Structural Engineer that knows Revit and is on our cloud, this forum is where they go to answer that question. This LinkedIn Group is for current Advance2000 private cloud clients. Members of this group are in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. These firms can not only network with each other on LinkedIn, but they can connect their clouds to collaborate in real-time on projects. Any employee from our clients’ firm will be admitted. If you’d like to join this group and you are not currently a client, please call 800-238-2621 or submit a request on to become a private cloud client. Join the LinkedIn Group: Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub Today!

AECBytes Article: AEC Collaboration Hub, by Chris France, President, Advance2000 NC
AECbytes is an online publication launched by Dr. Lachmi Khemlani in Nov 2003. It is focused on researching, analyzing, and reviewing technology products and services for the building industry. Every month, it publishes various articles including newsletters covering conferences and shows, reviews of products, feature articles profiling case studies of firms and projects that showcase the use of technology, viewpoint articles featuring contributions from industry leaders, and tips and tricks authored by experts in individual AEC applications. Now that the AEC industry has embraced BIM Cloud Computing, it’s now possible to “join” their BIM Clouds for real-time collaboration.  Check out our AECBYTES “Building the Future” Article (May 15, 2012) for more detailed information.