10 Advantages to Outsourcing Virtual Desktops – VDI

  1. Setting up Virtual Desktops is not easy. By outsourcing you don’t need the expertise, or the time to design, tune and manage the infrastructure. Just make sure your provider has the experience and does dozens of these builds each year. Make sure they have a proven process and are not learning on your dime.
  2. Outsourced hosted infrastructure is highly available. Check the SLA of your provider. They are undoubtedly more scalable and using enterprise class equipment to run your infrastructure. They can keep you up and running.
  3. Reduce your startup costs. By outsourcing you don’t have to make a huge investment in new hosting infrastructure that WILL NEED TO BE REPLACED in a couple of years. You spend your OPEX (operating expense) dollars not CAPEX (capital expense) dollars. Doing this yourself internally is going to be a lot more expensive than outsourcing it. Your provider has already made the capital expenditure in hardware and software.
  4. The migration to VDI will be faster. You might be able to do it yourself but an outsourced provider can do it much faster. It might take your internal team up to a year to test and roll out a VDI infrastructure. If you outsource you can be up and working in weeks.
  5. Scaling is incremental and fast. When you build your own infrastructure, you need to plan in excess capacity for growth and outages. To add additional users, you might need to add a lot of hardware and software. Doing it yourself, you can’t just shoehorn in a couple of extra users. An outsourced provider can scale up quickly AND SCALE DOWN quickly in the event of a business downturn. If you do it yourself and need to scale down, what will you do with the excess capacity? Let it sit idle? We all know the economy is cyclic, there will be another recession. Do you want to make a huge investment in hardware now? Your outsourcer can add users one at a time without having to purchase additional hardware. For example, if you have 5 interns coming in for the summer, if you outsource you can add 5 VDIs for three months and when they leave just remove them. How would you do that if you were building your own? You would need to over-design your solution to accommodate peak usage that sits idle most times.
  6. By outsourcing, your costs are known and fixed. Doing it in-house there are always going to be unknown costs and labor. By outsourcing, you know what to expect. You also know what it will take (and cost) to add more capacity.
  7. Outsourcing makes it easier to pilot the technology. By outsourcing, you can try the technology quickly in a matter of days. You can set up a 10-person pilot and later change your mind, you don’t have to make a huge investment of time and money to try a new technology.
  8. Your vendor has established relationships with the major software vendors like Citrix and VMware and Microsoft. Choose an outsourced provider that works with the major VDI technologies. Make sure to pick a vendor that has an in-house R&D team looking at and testing the newest technology. Ask if you are married to a single solution or technology or whether you can switch platforms.
  9. Look for an outsourced provider that has proven experience doing this type of work. An experienced vendor can build an infrastructure that is more scalable, more secure, more reliable, using better hardware than you can build on your own. Make sure they have in-house experts with certifications and relationships with VDI vendors
  10. If you need to collaborate with outside firms, can your vendor quickly and easily connect multiple firms in a “project cloud” and become the “IT Hub” for everyone? Can your vendor provide a neutral collaboration technology that can enable multiple firms to work together as though they are sitting in the same office working on the same local area network? This would be very hard to do yourself, you would become the IT company for all the collaborating firms, do you want to do that?

I hope these 10 reasons open your eyes to the advantages of working with an outside vendor to test and implement virtual infrastructure and technology. For more information or for a free virtual desktop demo, Contact Advance2000.

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    Jenna Hunter says:

    I can imagine that it could be really nice for a business to get a hosted desktop. Getting one from a professional would allow them to relax and be more productive while they create the desktop. It was interesting to learn about how a professional can quickly scale up and down according to the company’s needs.

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      Cassandra Douglas says:

      Jenna, you are correct! Hosted desktops are opening so many avenues for businesses as the digital transformation trend continues to move to the cloud. At Advance2000, we partner with your company to ensure all your IT requirements are met and you are up to date on industry best practices.


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