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    Urban simulation and 3D design provide impactful interactive data that is immediately useful to decision makers, political figures, as well as the general public. By drawing together data from a variety of sources we have been able to produce interactive software products that clearly convey the scope and impact of various projects. Many of these projects involve collaboration with teams in Urban planning, GIS and Architecture. An area of particular interest is in creating virtual tours such as that shown here of the UB North campus for students and parents to look at when discovering UB. Modeled in very high detail, the visualization allows users to see exactly what the campus has to offer without ever stepping foot on the college grounds. Students can see where there classes will be held, where they will likely dorm, and gives a general idea of what to expect upon matriculation. While initially for admissions, the model is also being used for UB's 2020 master plan project which will look at possible expansion and growth for the campuses in the years to come. Once the existing model is complete for all campuses, we will be able to work with architects and planners to determine where the best areas for growth are and then build proposed models into the campus.

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