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    How many applications do you use in your business?

    Email, a CRM, a mailing list, billing and accounting applications, an extranet, a company wiki and how many of them have duplicated data? Wouldn’t it be great if they could somehow be linked together and share data.

    Middleware from Advance2000 will help to simplify complex, distributed applications into a unified framework. We have developed web applications in a number of industries, including our own extranet, and in many cases have been able to seamlessly blend these applications with existing data structures and work-flows.

    If your online tool-set has grown unwieldy, we can help you to get your applications sharing data and working together to make your job easier. Our Middleware solutions will help ensure your IT is aligned with the needs of your business and generating value. We bring together all parts of your distributed IT environment, people, processes and information to create insight and control across the enterprise.

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