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    An IT strategy that considers technology a mere support tool for delivery of business processes is no longer sustainable. A weak alignment between your IT and business strategies can inhibit the growth of your business. Your IT strategy and architecture must reinforce IT as a key enabler for your business growth closely aligning with your business vision to promote innovation and improve service quality.

    IT strategy and Audit services from Advance2000 will help you successfully assess, plan and design an enterprise wide IT strategy and architecture that supports your business goals. Using our expertise and proven methods, these services can provide a strategic road map and technical design for an effective implementation. We can help you identify ways to reduce costs, streamline your infrastructure, improve the quality of service delivery and realize a faster return on investment.

    Why Advance2000?

    • We help you create an innovative and dynamic infrastructure designed to deliver improved business responsiveness and return on investment (ROI). We integrate best practices to help transform and optimize your IT. Following a detailed assessment of where you are, we can help you develop a strategy and road map for where you want to be, including an ROI analysis. We can also help you design the solution architecture.
    • We help you assess, plan and design your IT service governance and management capabilities. Using industry best practices such as the Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), we can help you create business-focused IT services with improved service capabilities.
    • We help you get started with your middleware to successfully design a smarter infrastructure.
    • We prioritize a road map that will reduce the complexity, risk and cost for implementation while speeding return on investment and providing connectivity with your applications for better business delivery.