• Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing is all the buzz in the IT industry right now. So, what does Cloud Computing really mean? What does “the cloud” do for your business? Is Cloud Computing right for your business?

    Cloud Computing describes the way information technology is accessed. It is another way of saying that your applications are hosted at a separate IT facility -- such as a data center -- where information can be accessed remotely via a secure, Internet connection.

    Advance2000 Private Cloud Computing

    Advance2000 provides all the benefits of your on-premise IT in our Private Cloud, without forfeiting critical business functions.

    Advance2000 BIM Cloud Computing

    Cloud 2.0 from Advance2000 provides a high performance solution for your organization’s graphic software needs. Compared to traditional Cloud Computing, the increased speed of Advance2000’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) Cloud allows increased productivity and better utilization of valuable resources. The Advance2000 BIM Cloud improves collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors and clients. For more information about BIM Cloud Computing, visit our Architecture, Engineering & Construction Solutions page.

    Why Advance2000? 

    • R&D leaders in Cloud Computing solutions
    • Subject matter experts in vertical markets
    • Instant full redundancy, built-in disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Your data is secure, accessible and private
    • Remote and on-site support 24/7/365 days a year
    • Reduced capital spending year after year
    • Affordable with a fixed monthly cost