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  • 05.28 AIA CES Webinar: How to Enable Real-Time Revit Collaboration in the Cloud

    Join us May 28th @ 1:00PM EDT.  This course will demonstrate a simple solution on how your extended BIM project team can work together real-time in a secure BIM Project Cloud.

    AIA National Convention 2015: The American Institute of Architects

    The Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub is a network of BIM Clouds that allows every firm on the building design team to collaborate in real-time, as if they were sitting in the same physical office. Our Private BIM Cloud supercharges a firm's IT, and provides a way for teams to work together more effectively.  As Advance2000 BIM Cloud users become proficient working in this new environment, they can now include their partners, consultants and owners.  A firm can even invite consultants to work within their own private BIM Cloud. AIA National Convention is the largest annual conference and exhibition of architects and design professionals.  Design professionals from around the U.S. attend AIA-credited classes, keynotes, product demonstrations, exhibits and networking events. Attendees can share ideas, work together to solve problems, and form professional relationships that they might not otherwise have.

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