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  • Healthcare

    Today’s healthcare is transforming faster than ever.  Higher standards in patient care, new government mandates, and the need for greater efficiencies are driving the industry to adapt and change.  With the combined resources of our partners and experienced engineers, Advance2000 provides services and solutions tailored specifically to help healthcare organizations improve patient care. 

    By utilizing the most innovative information technologies, Advance2000 offers solutions that transform traditional institutional care into proactive, patient-centered healthcare.

    Telemedicine Solutions

    Telemedicine solutions, using advanced telecommunication and information technologies, has extended patient care and provided the ability to collaborate with specialists around the world.   Advance2000 can help eliminate distance barriers for hard-to-reach patients while still providing human interaction through our video and mobile solutions.  Our technologies enhance communications between patient and medical staff, as well as the transmission of imaging, health records and other medical data to improve the overall patient experience.  

    Voice, Data & Networking Solutions

    The healthcare industry's increased use of electronic medical records (EMRs), wireless medical devices and personal mobile technology has significantly impacted healthcare provider’s networks. Advance2000 offers a comprehensive suite of voice and data solutions and services to meet the demands of healthcare institutions of all sizes. Whether your organization is looking to augment existing infrastructure or rebuild your entire network, our engineering team can assist with all aspects of the LAN, WAN, WLAN and communication needs.  

    Innovative Partnerships and Solutions

    Through new business development efforts and partnerships, Advance2000 offers innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.  Through EMR, software and medical device partnerships, Advance2000 is helping healthcare providers deliver proactive, patient-centered healthcare. 

    Advance2000’s Private Cloud Computing provides secure data and applications, to any device, allowing for anytime, anywhere access delivering increased productivity and improved patient care.   

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