• K-12 and Higher Education (EDU)
  • K-12 and Higher Education

    Today's educators are faced with growing challenges to improve access to resources, enable lifelong learning and deliver services in more cost effective ways.  Advance2000 helps educators enhance the learning experience for students by ensuring the classroom, lecture halls and online education tools are more efficient.  Our solutions widen access to resources and open new avenues for connecting knowledge.

    Secure Building/Campus

    In case of an emergency on campus, Advance2000’s Secure Campus solution provides immediate awareness, notification, and response coordination over existing voice and data infrastructures.   Advance2000’s end-to-end communication infrastructure assists with lockdown procedures and emergency notifications, and integrates with your campus’s building control systems; enabling surveillance, alerts and responsiveness of campus staff and security personnel.

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Educators and students are bringing their own devices for use and connectivity on the campus network.  This can cause congestion and potential failures in the network.   Schools are finding it necessary to adopt policies to accommodate this trend, with security and reliability being of upmost importance.  From K-12 to higher education, Advance2000’s highly trained staff of engineers can help build a network infrastructure that provides high availability and security necessary for your campus environment.  

    Integrated Network & Communications

    Advance2000 is the leading expert on integrated network and communications for K-12 and higher education.  With the onset of voice, data and video on a single network, we’re able to create a secure and reliable backbone for IP-based services and leverage your existing infrastructure and significantly reduce expenses.

    To learn more about how Advance2000 can help with your E-rate, state contract or other procurement vehicles for the Education market, please contact us today.