• Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

    Design Teams in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries face more complexity, tighter margins and shorter deadlines that require real-time project feedback and fast execution. These challenges require a more efficient way to work.  From managing intense deadlines and high performance graphics applications, to tight margins and demands for larger storage, Advance2000 understands the complexities of the AEC industry.  No matter the size of your business, by bringing your IT Infrastructure into our “Cloud,” Advance2000 guarantees faster project delivery and more effective collaboration.   

    Advance 2000’s BIM Cloud Computing

    Advance2000’s Building Information Model (BIM) Cloud Computing can optimize the design process while reducing costs and increasing productivity.  To get the most out of BIM, it is important to have it driven by a high powered solution to maintain ease of use and productivity.  Now you can “go mobile” and work on projects anywhere your clients take you.

    AEC Collaboration HUB

    The Advance2000 AEC Collaboration Hub is a Cloud-based network that allows every firm on the Design Team to collaborate in real-time, as if they were sitting in the same physical office.  Imagine how productive your teams would be if they all sat in the same office on the same network rather than being spread out over 5+ offices.  That is what Advance2000 can do—“virtually co-locate all the project stakeholders”.

    VDC in the Cloud - Journey to LEAN Construction

    Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) is the term used by Contractors to “virtually construct” a building on a computer before they actually construct it on-site. It is not to be confused with the Architect’s Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is primarily focused on design and creating drawings as their product. BIM does not generally address means, methods, schedules, costs, safety, logistics, inventory, manufacturing, etc., but VDC does. As good as BIM is, it is only optimizing a sub-process. VDC is optimizing the entire lifecycle of a structure with the processes, technology, and people to support it. If BIM in the Cloud took the industry by storm, imagine what BIM-VDC in the Cloud would do! Download the VDC and the Cloud Article Today! 

    Fully Managed, Private Cloud Service

    Once firms become familiar with a project cloud, it’s easy to migrate existing IT applications and systems to the Advance2000 Private Cloud.  Hosted Exchange (Email), IP telephony (phones), Newforma, Sharepoint, and other applications can be run in the same private cloud as your design projects.  Additionally, we offer cost effective carrier services to help you get connected to our Cloud.

    To learn more about Advance2000's solutions for the AEC market, contact us today. 

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